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iPhone "Comet®" App Coming December!


"Comet - The Fast Path To Learning" A Unique Spelling Game with the accent on fun and learning.


  • Expand vocabulary
  • Advance reading comprehension
  • Elevate writing skills
  • Learn interesting and stimulating facts about:

    and More


  • Bible 1, 2, 3, 4 Editions
  • Children's Edition, ages 8-10 years
  • Young Adult, Sports, Animals, Health, History, Graduate, College, Master and Art Editions

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09/28/2016 - The iPhone "Comet® The Fast Path To Learning" App and the iPad "Comet® The Fast Path To Learning" are being finalized for release in December 2016, now in final testing!

We'd like to thank you for your patience as we continue to put the final touches on the mobile Comet iPhone App and Comet iPad App - The outstanding educational game!

The mobile apps features:

  • Discover spelling when Comet verbally pronounces your words.  Enrich your vocabulary!
  • Learn geography, history, science, health and more with multiple choice questions.
  • It's learning, cleverly disguised as fun!

06/07/2010 - South Africa Plays Comet for Enjoyment and Medical Therapy!

Product supplied to Headway ( in South Africa by a psychology student who used it in his therapy with patients, for people who have suffered brain injury through motor vehicle accident, sporting accident, a fall, a stroke, tumor or other acquired problems.  
  • The patients found it extremely enjoyable and were eager to learn more.
  • The patients, a mix of all age groups and varying degrees of brain injury even insisted on playing through lunch time.


Bible, Children, Young Adult, Sports, Animals/Nature, Health, History, Graduate, College, Master and Art editions will all be available 2016!


"As a result of using Comet as a learning tool, our tutors were able to help more than 200 school-aged children maintain and develop their reading, comprehension and spelling skills in such a fun way that they did not even know they were working!   We will definitely be using "Comet" in future program activities."

Margie Lewis, Executive Director
Newfoundland and Labrador Laubach Literacy Council Inc.
Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

"The game Comet, The Fast Path to Learning is a fabulous board game for kids. It helps them learn definitions of words and how to spell and to reiterate their vowels. The multiple choice questions are great! They help them to choose the best answer if they don't know the definition. The kids love the design of the comet on the game board and they get very excited about advancing forward and being the first one to the finish line. I also love how the words are not to difficult for them to learn. I highly recommend this game for all children ages 9+ to play. My 9 year old son and 12 year old daughter love this game! I do too."
AAA Insurance Agent
Summerlin District Office

"The game is good because the questions are sometimes hard and it helps your knowledge. Some of the questions are easier but are good review."
Anthony, 2nd/3rd Grade Class
Stevens Creek School
Cupertino, CA

"My students loved the cards.  That is their favorite activity that we do on our center's day."
Emma Perkins
Title One Site
Crestwood Elementary
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I like it because it wasn't too hard to understand."
Shreyas, 2nd/3rd Grade Class
Stevens Creek School
Cupertino, CA

"The game was absolutely fun!"
Iman, 2nd/3rd Grade Class
Stevens Creek School
Cupertino, CA